I paint primarily from the midcoast Maine landscape and its surrounding farms, with occasional diversions into the common still life of the vegetable or a view into everyday life at home.  I'm very worried about how we're all going to make our way into a future where climate issues threaten and our children won't have any sense of how the natural world has been our balancing and leveling aesthetic.


 What the local farmer brings to a community that sustains us was a focus in the paintings for nearly all of 2012 and remains an enduring involvement. Shining a light on our connection to the land and the people who work it, through painting, is my own way of supporting the sustainable harvesting of our food on a local level. Since working with associated farmers and artists on a project which was designed to bring the neighborhood farms forward and into public view, I have cemented my own commitment to the 'GROW LOCAL' effort. 




Gallery Representation

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery   Belfast   ME

Schmidtberger Fine Arts    Frenchtown, PA

Geras Tousignant Gallery     San Francisco, CA



ART REVIEW - December 2013