Upcoming Fall 2018



Color Theory I  - Friday, Sept 28  through Friday, Nov 16 •  11 am to 3 pm

Color Theory II - Thursday, Sept 27 through Thursday, Nov 15   •  11am  to 3pm

Upper Level Color Theory - Tuesday, Sept 25 through Tuesday, Dec 18  * beginning at 10 am. ( must complete Levels 1 and II to be eligible ) Contact Kris directly at 207 356 9183 to enroll

To register for Levels I and II,  call  Waterfall Arts at 338-2222 or register online -  http://waterfallarts.org/wa-programs/waterfall-arts-programs/


PAINTING and DRAWING classes are also offered throughout the year in 6 or 8 week blocks, including the occasional Intensive, consisting of one, two or three-day events.

These workshops sometimes involve figure drawing and anatomy (  intensives will focus on a specific aspect of the figure i.e. the head, the gesture, the skeleton), nature drawing, color theory, painting indoors and out, Photoshop for painters, and digital drawing.

Instruction includes :  materials and media use, method, design, theory, aesthetics, demonstration, process and practice, critique

 Student work from various classes -

Please send all inquiries to me through the CONTACT page of this website.  I'll get back to you promptly.